Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Have You Checked Out The New Arrivals at Size Appeal?

If you are looking for trendy plus size fashions, then look no further than Size Appeal.  Size Appeal serves up sexy clothes that any curvy cutie would love to rock.  Whether you are looking for a figure hugging frock for your girls nights out on the town or something a bit more casual for the weekend around the house with Mittens, your new kitten, Size Appeal has got something for you.

"When men decide to create a revolution, they take up arms and speak in loud voices. All curvy women have to do is find that sexy little dress and voila, their world is changed. Simple? Not really. For 62% of American women, and 75% of women in Europe, finding that prefect fitting, fashion forward, nicely priced little item warrants nothing short of guerilla war tactics. Why? Because they are size 14 and up.
Enter every curvy woman’s secret weapon against shopping hell: Size Appeal is the original curvy fashion website to serve up trendy, season current, figure flattering clothing at comparatively moderate prices. SizeAppeal offers the world’s curvy women something they’ve never had before: shopping nirvana.

SizeAppeal is dedicated to the proposition that, to shop is to live. Welcome to the Curvy Revolution-we are taking the fashion world by storm."

I follow Size Appeal on FB and noticed that they had some new arrivals this week.  Naturally, I had to check it out and see if anything caught my eye. DUH, hello, YES, there are certainly some pieces that I will continue to stalk until my next rent free check!

Sunglasses in Tan Price: $19.80 
Amalia in Mauve Price: $24.80 
Precious in White Price: $29.90 
 Toni in Fushia Price: $34.00
Makeda in Black/Ivory Price: $32.80 
Flygirl in Black Price: $21.90

With prices like this and FREE SHIPPING on purchases of $50 or more, It seems fair that I give one or two of these pieces a try!  Has anyone ever shopped with Size Appeal?  See any pieces that you like?

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