Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Higher the Heel, The Closer to Heaven

This week, my Ryan will be here! *smiles*  Thursday to be exact.  Anytime a friend comes to visit, I find myself in a cleaning frenzy.  As I clean, I get this brilliant idea to walk around in my heels.  Why?  Well because I've grown accustomed to wearing my whole two pair of sneakers and flats because living in a major city and wearing heels all the time is just something that I am not used to.  So I slid on a pair of 3.75 in heels and proceeded to do dishes, sweep and clean my bathroom.  How weird of me, right?  I actually think it's a great start for those who aren't used to wearing high heels.  Just walk around and do normal activities in the house.  Your feet will hurt if you are not used to wearing a higher heel.  You might walk a bit funny and wobble, but don't let that stop you.  Keep practicing!

Alas, teaching you how to walk in heels was not the intent of this post, although, I'm sure I could one! Ha, I go off on my tangents so you will have to excuse me.  As I finished cleaning, I sat on the couch and propped my foot on my knee and admired the beautifully colored Wine pumps that I think I've worn maybe once.  I headed to my room, fussed through my closet and pulled out 5 pairs of shoes that I either A, have never worn or B, have only worn once.  Once upon a time, I bought shoes for photo shoots.  So quite often, I'd buy shoes with no real intention of ever wearing them in my everyday life.  What a waste!  When I moved to Chicago, I threw a bunch of shoes away (those that didn't make it to the city are still in my parents basement boxed up), but I brought my favorite shoes with me.  And by favorite, I don't necessarily mean "I wear these everyday" shoes, it just means, I figured eventually I'd somehow work these shoes into my wardrobe.  As I stated before, I tend to buy more classic styles of shoes.  I'm really trying to buy trendy shoes, I really drool over some pairs I see, but if I can't wear it next winter, I probably won't buy it.  I shop quite a bit at Target for my shoes, mostly because I wear a size 11.  While now I'm finally find shoe stores online that carry my size, I'm still quite weary because I like to try my shoes on.  All size 11s don't feel the same.

*click pictures for larger image*

These are fairly new, I got these from Target about a month ago on clearance for $14.98, they are still available on the website for $29.99

Also purchased from Target, I bought this last summer and have only worn them once, for a photo shoot and no one ever saw 'em cause I never got the pics edited, fail! (please excuse my toes!)  These are hard to walk in for me, they are higher than what I'd normally wear.
From Target, ha do you notice the trend? Yes, I shop at Target for shoes cause they tend to mimick styles of shoes that I cannot afford on the salary of an unemployed frugalista! Every woman should own a pair of red shoes.  I, for the life of me find these terribly uncomfortable.  I paid all of $7.48 for them, so I don't feel so bad that they sit in the closet or under the bed.

Hollywould for Target.  I call these my "holiday party" shoes.  I've worn them maybe 3 times and usually I wear them during Christmas.  They are comfortable, but they are awfully slippery!  I almost put my back out walking in these shoes!

Hollywould for Target leopard peep toes...I actually love these shoes!  They are comfy and I love the bow detail on the back.  Peep toe shoes usually kill my fingers, I mean long toes *smirk* after a few hours cause my feet tend to slide downward.  I have never worn these out. They are practically brand new. They do have padding on the ball of the foot for extra comfort and they are super easy to walk in.  Why don't I wear them?  Other than the fact that they are slippery on the bottom?  Well, I don't buy much brown and I was confused as to how to add them into an outfit. Now that I've found more sites to shop at, I feel a bit more confident that I can put them together with what I want.

I think I bought these from Payless, like 5 years ago. Bought them for a photoshoot and just never wore them again.  They are a bit big on me. They are an 11W and I only bought them because they were under 10 bucks and I loved em. I figured I could deal with them being a wide width shoe, but I totally can't! They flop right off the back of my heels when I do my test walk in the house.

I think I came to the conclusion that these shoes are often by-passed due to the fact that I need to purchase non slip grips for the bottom.  My stride and sway is interrupted by the thought that if I am not careful, I just may end up eating the ground.  I'm clumsy enough as it is, ironically enough not in heels, usually I find a way to trip over the floor in my sneakers and flats.  But I most certainly don't want to risk the embarrassment.  Ah, and yes, my feet do hurt after a couple of hours of standing because none of these shoes are totally broken in yet.  I thought about selling them, but I'm still holding on to hope that they will find their way into an amazing outfit within the next 3 months.  If they don't, hmm, you have my word that I will sell them. *bites nails and twitches*  I was talking to Veronica about purchasing shoes that are of better quality to get better wear from them.  I suppose I can splurge on my shoes and treat my feet to some fab pair of shoes.  When I find them, I will definitely share.

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