Friday, August 6, 2010

Fall preview is up at Monif C; this is how you raise the bar!

The curvy fashionistas are all buzzing about release of Monif C.'s A/W 2010 collection! I myself must admit I damn near SHRIEKED when I realized that the blond bombshell I was drooling over is none other than the voluptuous Fluvia Lacerda. This curvy vixen has always brings the sexy to the set of any photoshoot and partnered together with Monif C. once again, this dynamic duo does not disappoint! I definitely have to give props to Monif and those involved in the shoot. The styling, IMO, is flawless, sexy and chic. After raising and setting the bar with her sexy yet fashion forward swim line, Monif C. strikes again!

Monif gives us a lot to look forward to this fall with sleek, sexy silhouettes. She's even reinvented the popular Marilyn convertible dress by adding two jewel tones with the basics and also adding ruching. I've mentioned before of how I had the pleasure of modeling her Marilyn Convertible for Boutique Larrieux and I have to admit, it was the most beautiful and flattering dress that I've ever had a chance to wear. Even when myself and others raised concerns about tying the dress by yourself, Monif added vids to her site showing that YES! You can tie this dress if you were stranded on an island all by yourself. Because yes, there could be a small chance that you are stranded on an island and -insert object of lust here- will be coming to your rescue, so you have to look amazing, right?

Marilyn Ruched Convertible $215
Oh, and don't forget the jumpsuits! I don't own a jumpsuit, but I'm currently reconsidering after taking a look at pieces that Monif has designed. I am moving back home with the parents for a while so perhaps I can take the plunge. I am absolutely in love with the Leopard and Fire Print jumpsuits. They are bold and daring, just the type of pieces that I would need to think outside of the box. They definitely aren't for the faint of heart and if you're not a fan of stopping traffic, you could always go for Raquel Jumpsuit in Black which also includes a leopard print belt to keep you on trend. The black jumpsuit is definitely great for those women who want to experiment with trends, but don't want to jump in feet first.  Think of Raquel in black as putting your toe in the water before you dive completely into the pool.

Raquel in Black w/Leopard Print Belt $198
My personal favorite right now, other than the obvious jumpsuits (that I can't seem to stop going back and looking at) is the Naomi High Shoulder Dress. During the late 80s and early 90s, I hated shoulder pads. I would religiously cut them out of every shirt/blouse/jacket that came with them. Now, almost 30, I want to put shoulder pads in everything! What I love about this dress, other than the leopard print, is the black panels on the side of the dress. They draw the eye away from the midsection, creating a beautiful curvy silhouette. This dress also comes in solid Black if you want to play it safe or add something beautiful to your LBD collection.

Naomi High Shoulder Dress in Leopard $198

There are so many great new pieces along with styles that were available in the previous summer/spring collection that are making an appearance in new colors. This definitely makes me excited for fall. My goal, is to think outside of my fashion comfort zone. I could definitely see a piece (any of them really) making a bold statement in my closet.  My birthday is coming up in December, I'm sure it's not to early to choose the dress that will break necks! ;o) Make sure you check out the complete Monif C Pre-Fall 2010 collection!

What do you think? Will any of these pieces make it to your closet?


cheeky curves said...

OMG my heart is racing love love the collection

Plus Model/Writer for Plus Model Magazine/Singer/Songwriter/Actress Nikeya Young said...

Girl you're right! This collection is OFF THE HOOK! To model for Monif C would be the print campaign of a LIFETIME!! I love that she uses two beautiful size 18 models (Fluvia & Mia) because most people would play it safe with the size 12/14 only models!

Bobbie~Denise said...

I am really thinking about saving up this month to snag one of the ruched convertible dresses.....the colors are amazing1

Cid Style File said...

loving the new collections. i need a monif c convertible dress in my life, asap!

misss_e said...

That jumpsuit is sos fly...even I was considering it! So was that red convertible. Lawd lawd...Monif sure did murder the game! HAHA!

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